Sales organizes
1°ĘProcess and export the factory in Fujian Province

2°ĘGround of production of material of Gui Lin of Guangxi

3°ĘThe handicrafts of Zhejiang , Anhui are processed the ground

    One hundred bamboo competent Limited Company (WHITE BAMBOO CO. ,LTD) original in 1971,The company manufactures the bamboo woodwork mainly,Already have a history of 29 years so far.Over the past 30 years, company research and develop production technology , is it make equipment , products is it is it collect kind to count to reach far already to improve constantly, the business expands and China , Japan (Japan ) , Italy (Italy ) and U.S.A. (United States ). With the growing up strong and sturdy of the company, enlargement , one hundred bamboo for staff 500 more than people , branch company , factory building put through and Fujian , Guangxi , Zhejiang and Anhui competent Limited Company of business.

    The equipment advanced person of the company , technology are superior, not only develop the new products by oneself also accept the especially having made to order of the customer. Produce different products in accordance with customer's different demands.

    Strict qualitative control and reasonable cheap price one hundred bamboo competent consistent aim of Limited Company. The quality and price of believing the products of our company will let you feel satisfied definitely.